Creating an iPay account

All you need to know to start simplifying your payments, inventory and customer loyalty.

Step 1

Opening an iPay Account is FREE. You simply visit the iPay website , and click on Sign Up button at the top right corner.

Step 2

Select the type of account that best fits your needs and fill in your details accordingly.

Once you complete your account creation and are logged into your account, you will directed to the welcome screen to your iPay Dashboard.

This is your Dashboard, where you can view, setup and manage all your sales, payments, transfers, customers, products, and more.

By default, your account is on the BASIC PLAN and in TEST MODE.

You will need to completed the following steps to Activate your Account and receive LIVE payments.

  1. Provide your personal information including a valid national ID.

  2. Link your Bank Account for settlement of funds.

  3. Provide some information about your business and request activation.

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