Payment Link

For businesses without a website who want to receive payment in the shortest possible time.

It is a simple way to receive payments and contributions from your customers, friends, family, groups, associations and churches by generating a payment link which payees can just click to make payment.

With iPay Payment Link, the user is able to generate their own payment link and start receiving payment.😉

  1. It's very simple to start collecting payments. Just fill out a form with the details of your business, organization, group or item you are selling and click to create a payment link for social media.

  2. Copy and share your payment link with the world - post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, email it or text it.

First you would have to login to your merchant account.

  1. Click on 'Sales Channel Dropdown' and select 'Payment Link' on left side bar.

  2. Input your business , organisation or shop name and description.

  3. Upload your logo and generate payment link.

Hurraaayyy!!! 👏 Your business is ready to receive payment.

🔗 Copy the payment link and share with group.

After the request is initiated, customer is prompted on his/her mobile phone to authorize and complete payment.

You will receive an email alert of every successful payment into your iPay account and you can transfer it to your bank account.

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