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This describes into details how to integrate into iPay gateway checkout to collect customer payments from your Website, Web App or mobile App.

You can use our re-direct API to process payments from MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, Vodafone Cash, Tigo Cash, VISA and MasterCard and QRs.

Explanation of Terminologies

Merchant Key It is a unique key assigned to your account for integration and receiving payments.

☑️This can be found on the Getting Startedpage on the left side bar.

Invoice ID It is an internally generated transaction invoice id.

☑️ This is unique for every transaction and not more than 25 characters in length.

Success URL The page to which iPay will redirect the user after user completes the iPay checkout process.

Please note that this does not mean that payment has been received!

Cancel URL The URL your customers should be taken to when they cancel their payment.

IPN URL (Instant Payment Notification) This specifies the URL to which iPay will send notification once payment is received.

Please note the IPN notification from iPay is not confirmation of a payment. Rather it is a prompt that an event of interest has happened to one of your invoices.

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