Upgrading your account

Before upgrading your account, you can only interact with iPay in BASIC MODE. All of iPay's features are available in BASIC MODE; however, there are limits on your total collections, payouts and payment options available to you.

Kindly refer to our pricing for more information.

To upgrade your account to STANDARD MODE with no limits and enable card payments, you will be required to be registered business or organization and provide the following additional information:

1️ Business Registration Documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Certificate to Commence Business

  • Form 3

2️ Director's Documentation

  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) certificate

  • A valid Photo ID (National ID, Driver’s License or Data page of Passport)

  • Residential Address with Proof of Residence

Simply send an email to support@ipaygh.com with the required documentation, stating your account name and number.

Please ensure that your corporate bank account matches your business registration and your website or sales channel represents it. If you sell online, kindly ensure your online store is active with a verifiable website or social media address, shipping/delivery policy, returns and refunds policy clearly documented and visible to your customers.

Once you have submitted your application for account upgrade, our back office team will review your application and approve it for an upgrade, if you have sufficiently provided all the information required to upgrade your account. If we see a problem, we will get in touch right away to resolve it as quickly as possible.

🚫 Businesses we do not support for Online Card payments:



Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

Travel arrangements, tours, charters

Telecom Sales and Equipment

Telecommunication devices

Telecom Services

Telecommunication services

Computer Network Services

Internet service providers

Wire Transfers and Money Orders

Drugs, Proprietaries & Sundries

Drug Stores and Pharmacies

Direct Marketing - Travel

Includes discount clubs

Direct Marketing - Catalog

Mail and telephone orders

Direct Marketing - Outbound

Mail and telephone orders

Direct Marketing - Inbound

Teleservices, audio & videotext

Direct Marketing - Subscription

Recurring subscriptions

Direct Marketing - Other

Radio and TV sales

Cigars, Tobacco

Includes stands


Rentals, leases and sales

Adult Dating and Escort

Various dating services

Video Tape Rental Stores

Adult content

Ticketing Agencies

Secondary ticketing

Video Games and Arcades

Skill Games requires registration

Betting and Casino Gambling

Online casino, lottery, wagers

Government Services

State Lottery Requires Registration

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)

Charitable and Social Service Organizations

Import and Export companies

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