This page describes into details how to integrate iPay services gateway into your shopify store to collect customer payments via mobile money and credit card channels.


When you register with iPay for the first time, you get a test account and test merchant key. This is to help you complete your integration and test your setup using our test mobile money numbers 0260000000 and 0240000000.

To successfully complete the integration and send requests the following details are required as described in table:



Shopify Account

An active shopify account. Click here to create a shopify account if you haven't done that already.

iPay Account

An iPay account to integrate into shopify. Click here to create an iPay account if you haven't created one already.

Merchant ID

Unique iPay merchant ID.

Merchant Key

This is a unique key created by iPay for third parties doing integration.

Your merchant id and merchant key. You can find them in your Account profile (under the Account management tab in your iPay account dashboard).

iPay for Shopify currently supports only sites that have Ghana cedis (GHS) as a default currency.

Integrate your Shopify store

To integrate your shopify site, follow the steps below:


☑️Visit iPay-Shopify-payments ☑️Click "Install Payment provider". Note: Kindly ensure you have an active Shopify site and you are logged into your site's admin panel. ☑️Once iPay is installed, click the Edit Button next to iPay Ghana Payment Gateway (under Alternative Payments providers tab in your settings). ☑️Provide your merchant id and merchant key. ☑️Save your settings and test your setup on your website using our test numbers 0240000000 or 0260000000.

What next after setup

Once you are ready to receive LIVE payments, complete the 3 step activation process on the "Getting Started Tab" in your iPay account dashboard to request activation of your account to the BASIC plan.

This mode activates your LIVE merchant Key which you will use in your integration to make and receive LIVE mobile money payments only into your account and enable settlements to your remittance account details configured.

Please note, account activation is given based on completed and tested site integration.

You may request for upgrade of your account to STANDARD plan after account activation, to enable you receive VISA and MasterCard payments in addition to mobile money payments.

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